Perception – Nemesis: Part 2

“Nemesis” is episode seven of season one of Perception and this article continues where the previous one left off. Back at the FBI, Kate asks permission from Reardon to look for other suspects, as Judge Trent made a lot of enemies. Brady hasn’t been found, nor has any evidence against him. Reardon does not think it looks like a professional hit, but the work of a disturbed man that Daniel said wasn’t a threat. She thinks Daniel screwed up and they can manage without his assistance.

Daniel is ranting to Nat about a crazy crime means a crazy killer. All Brady’s delusions were positive. She points out that finding and exonerating Brady is better than ranting about the injustice. As to how Daniel can find Brady when a 100 feds and the Chicago PD can’t? He understands Brady.

So Daniel goes to Kate. He wants to find someone called the Healer who Brady talked and wrote about. He trusted the Healer and confided in her. Yes, she’s probably an alien from Ellebra, but so was the judge and she was also real. Daniel thinks the place where Trent sent Brady for care is likely, as the healer may be a doctor or someone who works at the hospital. Kate says they can’t go to the hospital and interview 500 employees; Daniel asks who she is and what she has done with the real Kate Moretti.

So they end up at the hospital. The Healer is found; she says there is no way Brady killed Trent. He’s a sweet kid when on his meds and freaks out at the sight of blood. She also kept in touch with Brady when he was discharged, as he has no-one else. Even if she knew where Brady was, she wouldn’t turn him in, as she has seen how cops treat the mentally ill. Daniel explains he’s a physician, not a cop, and knows how to bring Brady in, so the nurse tells them about an abandoned warehouse. Kate won’t go without backup; if something happened to Daniel because she didn’t follow procedure it would be her fault.

Reardon is told where Brady probably is but doesn’t want Daniel to help as he isn’t a trained field agent. He replies that his training is with the mentally ill, which is just the sort of training needed. So Reardon agrees, reluctantly, and they head to the warehouse with backup. Unfortunately, Brady has the sword of Ellebra, and the backup tasers him.

At the FBI, Brady ends up making a full confession. They also have the murder weapon with what will probably be Brady’s fingerprints on it, which Brady told them how to find, and the judge’s blood on his clothes. The prints do lead back to Brady, but Daniel isn’t convinced. Especially as if someone like Brady is told enough times that they did something they will eventually believe they did.

To be continued…


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