Perception – Nemesis: Part 1

“Nemesis” is episode seven of season one of Perception and it opens with Daniel in a lift in the FBI building. He exits and Kate greets him; he is not keen on lifts. She tries throwing a tie around his neck – he won’t let her. Kate wants Daniel to make a good impression with her new boss. Who she claims is like Margaret Thatcher – with better hair and a gun. And potentially the first female director of the FBI. Kate wants Daniel to be his normal brilliant self and not too wacky.

The new boss, Irene Reardon, introduces them to Judge Trent, who is on the shortlist for the solicitor general. The background check revealed that the judge has been receiving disturbing letters from a Brady McGraw, who was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism when picked up at the naval station on the Great Lakes. Trent realised there was something wrong with Brady, who she is sure is harmless, and sent him for a psych eval. Brady is a paranoid schizophrenic and the judge recommended treatment not jail. Daniel is impressed with how enlightened the judge was. Reardon tells him that Brady is stalking the judge and she wants an expert threat assessment of him. She is sure Daniel will do the right thing.

Kate and Daniel arrive at Brady’s. He tells them to go away but Daniel explains that Judge Trent asked them to come. And no, they are not enemies of Ellebra. Brady’s rooms are filled with writing on the walls – and a large painting of Judge Trent wearing something like a superhero costume and wielding a sword. Daniel uses bits from the walls to get Brady to open up. He says that the judge is actually from Ellebra and has been sent to avenge the injustice in the world. Her real name is Nemesis – Daniel has to explain the original meaning. The judge is on a mission to save the Earth, to help them evolve out of war and violence. Brady just wanted her to know he was on her side. Brady is also off his meds because when he takes them he can’t receive the messages and Ellebra vanishes.

Daniel and Kate tell the judge that Brady isn’t a threat. He sees himself as Trent’s protector and would rather die than see harm come to her. Trent’s husband disagrees strongly, but Trent tells him that Brady hasn’t done anything wrong. Kate offers to have a car outside the judge’s house but she declines.

Back home, Daniel is talking to Nat, saying that Brady needs therapy and medication and he wants to help. She comments about pot meeting kettle. Daniel claims he’s fine and fully functional. Even with the hallucinations. Then Kate arrives at the door; Judge Trent has been stabbed to death and the assumption is that Brady did it. Daniel needs to see the crime scene but the husband blames Daniel and Reardon tells Kate to remove Daniel from the scene.

To be continued…


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