Now You See Me (2013): Movie Review

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Now You See Me is one of my favorite movies about magic/magicians. As of now, there have been two Now You See Me movies made.  I enjoyed them both, but the first was my favorite.

In the first Now You See Me movie it started out with 4 magicians doing their magic acts.  After that they were given cards which lead them to a secret location.  There they learned they would work together as the 4 Horsemen.

As the 4 Horsemen they robbed a bank, as well as few other criminal acts (or heists).  I won’t explain each one because I don’t want to give too much away.  The tricks seemed pretty cool and they show how to pull off some of the basic tricks (like pulling a rabbit out of a hat).

In the movie the authorities figure out that there must be a 5th horsemen. Who is it? Well, that is a twist in the movie that I will let you see for yourself (unless you already have).

I would give the first Now You See Me 4 out of 5 stars. No movie is absolutely perfect, but this one is pretty good. There is action, adventure, and mystery…what more could you want?

The second Now You See Me continues the story where the first one left off.  I am not going to fully review the second one (yet) but I just wanted to say that much about it.

Did you see both movies? If so, which one did you like better?

I think it’s good to watch them both together if possible. It’s good to get the whole story.  The second tells part of the story that you miss in the first movie.


What do you think?