New Free App is a Big Hit with Book Readers

Occasionally, something makes you sit up and take notice.

The world is full of a million and one bits of information zapping about the Interweb, popping up on our phones and tablets, so for anything to ‘jump-out’ and grab you it must be a little bit, or a big bit, special.

What caught my eye is an App.

“Big deal” I hear you say.

But it is what this App is which makes it special.

It is not technically amazing, it is not even a great design; in fact. it is pretty much basic when judged on those levels.

It not simply because it is a FREE App.

It is what this App is all about that makes it’s wonderful.

I’ll explain…

Just over a year ago, several authors joined together and formed ‘Electric Eclectic’. They started producing short books, e-Books Novelettes, designed as ‘sample’ or ‘introductory’ books to their other works.

The idea being, if someone enjoyed one of their shorter stories they will then buy a full-length novel or another book of that author’s works.

Since then Electric Eclectic has developed.

They have more authors and a whole library of Electric Eclectic books, from children’s tales and Romance to Drama, Thrillers, Murder and even Horror.

Electric Eclectic books are written by some of the best Indie Authors in the world. New books are scheduled to be released on the 20th of each month, for months ahead.

Electric Eclectic is about to release two collections of stories, one called ‘MothBalls’, the other ‘ButterflyBats’. They are in the process of publishing their first paperbacks ‘Pocketbooks’, a smaller size book which is easier to tote around in a bag or indeed a pocket.

A short while age EE launched a range a small, but growing range of branded goods for the discerning reader and writer.

And now, the ‘something which made me sit up and take notice’ is the launch of their App, which has been described as a sort of ‘Tinder’ for readers and authors!

Not only does this App do the stuff you might expect, such as give you direct accesses to their own website, link you to the Electric Eclectic Amazon pages, both in the UK and the USA, forward you to Facebook and noes items, BUT…  the Electric e-reader allows you to read, for FREE, some of their books and several short stories, all of which are changed frequently so there are new tales to devour on future visits.

All Electric Eclectic e-books are assessed for their great storytelling, so you do not have to worry about quality and from 1.00 (£/$/€) each they are excellent value too.

You can download the Electric Eclectic App today, just click HERE.

If you love reading and books and stuff I suggest you do, its FREE, so you have nothing to lose and a shedload of amazing reading to gain!

Download and enjoy.



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Written by Paul White

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