My Friday the 13th Night at Mason Park

At 5 pm, I walked across the street with my blue folding chair and messenger bag. By 5:30 pm, I realized I was early. So, I decided to check out the food trucks and buy a snack. I bought some quesadilla. When I got my food, I noticed it came with free tortilla chips and sauce. The quesadilla was hot and fresh out of the oven. So, I ate the chips until the quesadilla cooled off a little. I enjoyed my snack.

Park Rangers were passing out neon lighted bracelets and necklaces. I chose the bracelet for a change. I always pick the necklace or choker at past events. Then, I ended up doing 3 videos because I was bored. The movie started around 8 pm.

The movie was cute and positive, but obviously for kids because it was too silly. But for a kids’ musical, it did have a storyline, which was like a Cinderella story for that Bergen maid who had a crush on the King, but their kind doesn’t know how to love and be happy. They are very dark, thinking that the true meaning of happiness is all about eating a colorful troll so that they could be merry like a troll, filled with dancing, singing and hugging. The trolls also reminded me of Hobbits for kids. Princess Poppy also reminded me of Moana because she went on a mission to save Trolls from the dark Bergens. Her dark troll friend went with her, and she helped him see the bright side of life. She ended up saving him from the depressing, dark, and negative personality. I also felt that the movie was like psychedelic hippie movie for kids.

At around 10 pm, when the movie was over, I was folding my blue chair to put it into its back, and I heard something snap and break off. Then, I noticed a black piece on the grass. It looks like the black joint piece between the metal legs and arms, and it somehow broke and snapped off. I am not sure if I can fix it. I guess this is my bad luck for Friday the 13th.

As I walked back home, in the dark, I noticed the streets were well-lit, and for some reason I felt like dancing and singing in the street like Princess Poppy, even though I was still pissed that my folding chair a joint. I am wondering if there is any MK-Ultra in this movie Trolls.

I arrived home around 10:15 pm, and I felt like making coffee because I was thirsty. As I was making coffee with my Moka, I noticed Gumby was sitting and staring at certain areas, like under a table and behind cushions. I am wondering what is hiding there, and I watch Gumby carefully. Suddenly, I see Gumby following something small, and it looks like a cockroach. So, I get a paper towel, and I follow it with Gumby. Suddenly, I am on my hands and knees, with Gumby, trying to get a fucking cockroach. I finally caught it with a paper towel and squished it dead. I then showed it to Gumby to show him that it is dead and he doesn’t have to worry about searching for it. What a team we make, Bonnie and Clyde, after mice and a cockroach.

#2 Summer 2018 Movie at the Park, Part 2

By 6 pm, the grassy area in front of this stage started to slowly fill up with blankets, chairs, and picnics. Many little kids went on this stage to dancing with Princess Poppy. It reminded me of the kids' shows in the 70s, such as Romper Room, Electric Company, Mr. Fred CIA Rogers' Neighborhood, and other such shows. The music and singing seem to have a repetitive MK-Ultra sounds because I felt it was getting to me after a while. If I was watching this at home, I would have gotten up and started dancing up and down. 

This pink haired woman is dressed as Princess Poppy, one of the Trolls in the movie who tries to save the Troll colon from the dark Bergens. 

#3 Friday the 13th Movie at the Park, Part 3

While watching the movie, which was interesting for a kids' movie, I decided to take out my iPhone and survey the area in the dark because most people were wearing their neon lighted bracelet or necklace as well as some kids had colorful lighted wands, which I didn't take. It turned out to be an interesting short Trolls clip for Friday the 13th at the Park, and much better than Blair Witch crap. 

Yeah, this is my neon yellow lighted bracelet that I am wearing...


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