Midsommar, 2019 film

Tuesday, 7.2.19

This evening, I decided to go to a movie with a meetup group. It was playing at the indie theater, across the street from my townhomes community. When I paid for my ticket, I was informed that I have credits for a small popcorn. So, I decided to get one. I also bought my own water so that I don’t get dehydrated. By 6:45 pm, most of the people in the group started arriving, probably around 20. 

The movie is interesting, in a weird cultish way. It is like the movie, Wicker Man, which takes place in UK or Scotland. But Midsommar takes place in a Swedish Village, although the movie had Hungarian crew. It is mostly about a pagan cult group, which is similar to the Illuminati. The movie content is disturbing because such cult groups are weird. Some students go there to do research for school project. Dani, the girlfriend of one of the male students, goes along. She is also a student, majoring in Psychology, but she is very nervous, often taking Avitan to come her nerves, and her sister is bipolar. There is clues throughout the movie, from the first day they arrive there hinting something weird about this place and their eccentric people. Two students mysteriously disappear with a book. Dani’s boyfriend, Christian, also starts experiencing weird stuff in the group, such as a sex ritual to impregnate one of their cult members, probably for a future sacrifice. At the end, Dani is initiated as a member of the cult, where she was dressed in a flowery costume from head to toe, and made the Queen. They had to sacrifice 9 people, and Christian was one of them. She had to OK it, in which it was obvious she was brainwashed or even possessed by the cult because her eyes were blank and she seemed not there. There was a gross scene, where a huge dead bear was hollowed out, and the placed a drugged Christian inside the hollowed bear’s body, kind of like a bear halloween costume. They placed Christian the bear, and the other eight drugged people inside a barn. And, Dani, who also looked drugged, wasn’t allowed to say a word. She was given a torch, and she was told to light the barn with the fire. It was creepy. As the barn burned down, the people inside started screaming in fear and agony. And, the cult members outside, watched with mesmerized expression on their face, as they emulated the same agonizing scream in a ritualistic way. The movie ended, with Dani smiling in a possessed and brainwashed expression, which looked eerie. But it was interesting movie, in a weird and disturbing way. 

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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