Mid-April 2019

Sunday, 4.14.19

For fun, I shuffled my cat cards and randomly picked 9 cards to analyze. I decided to create a story with these cards, which appears to be meditative. But it also flows well, from the first card to the ninth card.

#4 Pursue what you love in your life

The 6 of Sea card depicts six cats playing together and swimming in a pool. It also looks like a swimming meetup, which has to do with hanging out with others and socializing. But this card was picked in reverse. So, it indicates that you might be thinking about nostalgic memories. It is better to move on to the present moment and your current situation. Express yourself and your creativity via your work or hobbies. This card also has to do with love, whether relationships or doing something your love.

#5 Finding Answers

The 11 of Consequences card depicts a curious cat playing with yarn and colorful leaves, which gets her all tangled up. But this card was picked in reverse, which indicates that you are likely to figure out your current situation without getting entangled into negative or difficult situations. This card has to do with reaching a breakthrough and justice, as well as getting the answers that you were looking for.

#6 Prince Charming

The Sea King card depicts a fluffy male cat relaxing outside by the coast with his fish and starfish friends. He looks very calm and retired, as he enjoyed his retirement with friends. He has a nice house in the background, which overlooks a calm ocean. He also wears nice jewelry. He seems loving and sweet. He appears to be calm, strong, and reassured. He is respected as a peacemaker, as well as for his wisdom and compassion.

#8 Keep Trying…Never Give Up…

The Sky Kitten card depicts a kitten playing with colorful ribbons. Since it is very small, the ribbons appear to be too high and out of its reach, although it is very ambitious and eager to reach for it and get it. It is practicing its jumping and target skills because it is determined to get it. But this card is picked in reverse, which might indicate that you might not be in a playful mood. You are older, mature, and more cautious, as you try to make the right decisions in your life in order to avoid obstacles or issues.

The wandering kitten from the previous card is looking for adventure as well as reaching high toward her goals. 

#9 Reaching the top and walking through a doorway

The 2 of Sky card depicts a cat arriving at the top of a hill, where there are two flag posts, indicating a doorway. It appears to have walked through this doorway of conflict or obstacles, and the weather here is windy and cool. But this card is picked in reverse, which indicated there aren’t any conflicts or obstacles in your way. You have arrived high at the peak, and you can now see everything clearly, including what you need to do next as well as how you will do it successfully. You might feel unsure about your current situation. Slow down and proceed with caution because it is better to be safe than sorry but it looks like you have made it.


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