Mercury Retrograde During October 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

She talks about the similarities in real psychics and the Ghost movie psychic character played by Whoopie Goldberg.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to rest and for introspection coming up. It is probably a good time to color my gray roots again. My hair is currently in three colors, brown, red, and gray roots. I should do it tomorrow.

Spirits going into people’s body to control you. When you are very high or drunk, you are opening the door for spirits to enter you body.

Animal reincarnate? I wonder where my late pets are?

The Gypsy Egg Cleanse: don’t crack egg. Just rub it on your body, all over to cleanse from negativity and negative spirits. Or, bathe in salt.

Beyonce uses hand gestures to do incantations on her views for their energy. She was moving her hands in a ritual way to put a spell on her viewers.

Serial killers are not in their body. They have an entity inside, and it is dissociated on a soul level.

Weddings are like rituals. If I ever get married, I want a basic wedding, simple and without rituals.

The negative voices in her head are external entities trying to trigger something in you.

Mercury Retrograde is Wednesday, October 14th. It will be in Scorpio. Hookups, old lovers return, and controlling things. Going from Scorpio and back to Libra. Things from the past will come up. Hidden things will be revealed.  Elevate your meditation or energy? Leos are being fucked by this mercury retrograde.


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