Making New Plans

Tuesday, 10.13.20

Around 6:15pm, I walked across the street to the UTC for the UCI walking meetup. I noticed the UTC was very active again, although many students were muzzled. But everyone is trying to move on and live their life, which is a good sign. By 6:30pm, no one from the meetup showed up. So, I walked back home and checked the meetup site. It looks like the UCI meetup was cancelled, and they went on the Great Park walking meeup. Oh, well. I need to go work out in the gym anyway, doing some treadmill and stationary bike workout as well as walking in the mall. There is still the Friday walking meetup in Woodbridge. 

I am getting tired of these meetups. These people are unreliable. I think most people are also getting tired of these meetups. That is why they are unreliable. 

I need to make new plans and changes, work out more in the gym, walk around in the mall, ride my bicycle, swim a little, and look for other local events.


What do you think?

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