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Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is almost a top place for living in the world.  It is because Hong Kong has highly modernized infrastructure,  and international city, highly concentrated financial center, like freedom of speech,  people here are highly protected ,highly educated,  highly civilized.  Supply of essentials such as water,  food, electricity are highly sufficient. Shopping centers, entertainment industry,  restaurants etc are well developed and diversified. Therefore,  Hong Kong is a very safe place to live !

The only bad points in Hong Kong are people here are quite selfish and cold blooded. People who are rich and in a high social status are mostly not concerned and care enough of the poor and needy one, though some will. Discrimination here are serious too. Women rights here are Overwhelmed and many young girls here have “princess symptoms ” .

Hope there will be improvements in the future !


What do you think?

Written by Chunchun


  1. Your hope is my hope. Well! You certainly painted a “not so rosy and cheerful” picture of Hong Kong. What a shame. It has so much potential to be one of the best places on earth. But truthfully wherever there is a place where the majority of the citizenry doesn’t have a mind for charity and a heart filled with compassion, that place TOTALLY SUCKS! If, on top of that, you have a government that’s corrupt, it’s like living in utter darkness where you hear nothing wailing and gnashing of teeth.