Karl Lagerfeld Funeral Symbolism

Friday, March 01, 2019, early morning.

It is past midnight, as I watch Youtube videos for fun. One of the videos about Karl Lagerfeld mentions he died on Monday, which is 2.18.19, but his death was on Tuesday, 2.19.19 in Paris, France, which was also a full moon night. And, the date of this full moon night has sequential numerical digits—2.19.19—which involve Illuminati symbolism and numerology.

Lagerfeld designed his last suit for Jason Momoa to wear in the Oscars 2019 event. They went for the fitting on Saturday, Lagerfeld died on Monday, and his death was announced on Tuesday.  There are 3 days from Saturday to Lagerfeld’s death, and the number 3 is another Illuminati symbolism.

I watch another video about the funeral, and it was mentioned that Karl Lagerfeld wrote out certain instructions after his death. He wanted Chanel stores to remove everyone in their window, and just place “single white bouquet of roses with company statement.” They should be placed in a transparent or basic white base.  I remember reading somewhere that “white roses” have Illuminati symbolism.

White roses tend to have occult symbolism in the Illuminati, and it was also used in the Grammys 2018, where many celebrities were wearing one white rose.

I suddenly notice too many coincidences which lead to an Illuminati sacrifice ritual. Although Lagerfeld was old at 85, and it was eventually stated that he found out last minute he had pancreatic cancer, it was also sudden and shocking because he lived a healthy life as well as worked at being fit.

And, let’s not forget, the fashion industry is controlled by the Illuminati.


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