WE ARE K.R.A.P. (1): Movin’ On Up

‘WE ARE K.R.A.P. (1): Movin’ On Up’ is a new comedy series from The Fault Line Players (FLP), which features a fictionalized version of the troupe – and their insane ‘staff’ – taking over an old, dilapidated radio station, known as K.R.A.P., in order to broadcast their own show.  There’s Ted & Deb, the frustrated troupe managers; Candi Delight, their secretary (an ex stripper); Hitchcock Reynolds, their announcer (a washed up actor); Ariel, their psychic on-air personality; Buzz, the druggie tech support; and Chuck Rock, the security guard who’s not allowed to carry a gun, so he uses a carrot.


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Written by Fault Line

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