If Beale Street Could Talk movie review

This evening, I decided to go to a movie meetup instead of a walking meetup. It was cold and windy outside, which was a good idea I didn’t go walking this evening. It is a sad story about a young African-American couple in love, and everything appears to be perfect for them because it is young love.  They have known each other since childhood, in which they were best friends. Now, they are moving on to the next chapter in their life, where they are looking for a place of their own, get married, and the girl gets pregnant. But they both accept the responsibility and they want to raise the baby together. The girl gets a job in department store. All of the sudden, the guy is wrongly accused of raping a Puerto Rican woman, even though he has an alibi that he was with his fiancée. But the Puerto Rican woman refuses to cooperate. And, the guy has to serve time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, the girl gives birth to their baby. It appears the guy is in jail for a long time because his fiancée visits him with their son, who looks to be about 6 and misses his father. The guy looks healthy, but counting the days when he is released.

This movie is based on a novel, and it takes place during the 70s. The author of the novel is James Baldwin and the Director of the movie is Barry Jenkins. The only actor I am familiar with in this movie is Regina King.

I noticed when I watch a movie that is based on a book and I haven’t read the book, the movie appears be choppy. I just felt there were missing pieces, scenes, details, or information, that were left out in the movie. I felt confused at the end.

Afterwards, we went to a restaurant in the town center, where I ordered Crispy Brussel Sprouts with chimichurri sauce. It was good. The weather felt cold and windy at 10:30 pm.


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