I Heart Classical Music. What About You?

Are you a lover of classical music?  Many people love classical music without even knowing it.  For example, many of the old cartoons I used to watch had classical music playing in the background.  I enjoyed that music even though I did not realize it was a piece written by a time-honored classical music composer.  In addition to listening to their music, it’s interesting to learn about the lives of the composers.

When I hear the words “classical music” there are certain composers that immediately come to mind.  Beethoven and Mozart, of course.  But also Bach and Tchaikovsky.  Which composers do you think of when you hear those words?

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#5 Rock Stars Who Kept Their “Inner Mozart” Hidden Until the Time Was Right.

I'll bet most celebrities have a "secret chamber" they enter to escape from the crowd and clammer.  It's something about themselves that they keep to themselves and don't really want to share with the public.  Every once in a while they'll open the door to that chamber and let you in.  Like when Sir Paul McCartney opened up about composing classical music.  

Paul McCartney's classical works: where to start ~ classicfm

#10 They say classical music enhances your brain power. If so, children should be exposed to classical music.

Perhaps you can wait until they can walk and talk to teach a musical instrument.  But you can get them to start listening to classical music while they are still in their mother's womb.  They say it hasn't been proven whether an "in-utero concerto" gives babies a head start.  I say if they say music can help plants grow, why wouldn't it help a child's mind develop?  Even if not, classical music has never been proven to have harmful effects on plants, animals, or humans.

Classical Music for Baby? | What to Expect

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Classical Music for Babies to Sleep ♫ Relaxing Music for Babies ♫ Newborn Baby Sleep Music

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  1. I love those epic melodies! I tend to remember the song title rather than the composer. It’s surely a good thing this music is used for cartoons, movies and even commercials.
    Beethoven is among my favorites. I also like Grieg.
    My knowledge about classical music is quite limited though. ?


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