Hypocrisy of Hollywood

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Here is another video bringing out the hypocrisy of Hollywood. There are some past clips, where actors praise their friend, Harvey Weinstein, before the truth came out about Weinstein. This video is an entertaining summary from a Youtuber about the Ricky Gervais exposing the truth in his jokes, and Tom Hanks wasn’t happy.


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  1. I really like Ricky Gervais, all he does is just brilliant and every time he hosts the Golden Globes it gets great. It is claimed that many famous actresses had sex with Harvey Weinstein to work in the world of cinema. During his trial one accuser said that when she refused to have a menage a trois with Weinstein and his assistant, the producer told her “How do you think Uma Thurman or Salma Hayek became famous?? This world works in this way”

    • and gwyneth paltrow, and many others. they all suck. on the same golden globes, michelle williams mentioned she aborted her first child to get where she is today. so, she sacrificed her first child for her career.

    • and, many have plastic surgeries during their makeover when they sign a contract, so it can help them promote a certain theme for the industry to the targeted audience watching them. such as pam anderson had the bimbo barbie look with breast implants, over-bleached blonde hair, and playboy pinup model look. now, she she got rid of that look since she isn’t working anymore.

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