Hurricane Florence’ Storm an another trial of american people

Hurricane Florence is constantly moving toward the coastal areas of North and South Carolina as a result, high winds and rains have drowned and the river is boiled with its borders. The National Center for the Hurricane said that although the Florence status has been reduced, and at the moment, at 2nd. However, Hurrican is always dangerous and no prediction can be made and heavy rain for several weeks, the flood situation may arise, In addition, there is a danger of completely destroying 7 million 60,000 properties.


The local administration has estimated  loss of $ 30 billion in the case of storm of Hurricane Florence. The army has also been alerted for rescue operation.

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  1. Let’s hope that people are sensible and don’t put themselves at undue risk. The main problem will be storm surges and consequent flooding, and one has to expect that large numbers of coastal properties will be destroyed, given that they are built on sandbars and have absolutely no protection against what they are about to face.

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