How American President’s House was named White House ?

The House of American president, White House is a place known worldwide, But also by name, people also identify. But do you know that the name of this house  has nothing to do with its color or building.Yes, there is no realization of the color of the White House name building.

It is famous in the American public that the building was dyed white when the British soldiers tried to destroy it in the war of 1812, but this color is far before of this time. When the construction of this place was built in 1791, it was named President House and in 1798 it was dyed white.

The real color of this building was yellow and its walls were made of limestone. These walls were use to frozen in the winter. To overwhelm the effects of the weather, the workers had to dazzle the white wash so that the colors could always be repetitive and look fresh.

This building official name was the presidential house but the people gave this building a nickname I.e. White House. In 1812, a Congressman used this term in a letter and in 1818 the building was colored with original white color. But before 1901 his nickname did not get an official status, and the official status given by President Theodore Roosevelt.

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