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Heroes Reborn: My TV Review

Heroes Reborn is a continuation series of Heroes, a former sci-fi drama series of NBC that ran in 4 seasons, aired from year 2006-2010, that became a big hit, long before Game of Thrones was premiered. This 13-episode TV series was premiered on September 24, 2015, 5 years after Heroes aired their last episode of the last season. Tim Kring created this series and was still the consistent executive producer of this said series.

This miniseries reconnects with the basic elements of the show’s first season, in which ordinary people will discover their special abilities. On July 9, 2015, A six-chapter web series entitled Dark Matters was released to introduce the new characters and story lines.

The series took place a year after a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, where the government blamed “evos” or “evolved humans” (humans gifted with extraordinary abilities). These evos were forced into hiding when vigilantes started to hunt and kill them systematically. Amongst these two killers are: (1) Luke Collins played by Zachary Levi (Fandral of Thor: The Dark World), an evo who has the ability to radiate heat, light, electromagnetism and flight; and (2) Joanne Collins played by Judith Shekoni (Zafrina of The Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Part 2), a wife of Luke who seek revenge for the son they lost at Odessa incident.

Also in the cast was a mainstay from Heroes, Noah Bennet played by Jack Coleman, a foster father of Claire Bennet, an evo who can heal herself, died giving birth to her twins named Nathan and Malina Bennet. Nathan (in honor of their grandfather Nathan Petrelli who has the flight ability) was played by Robbie Kay (Peter Pan of Once Upon A Time). He also goes by the secret name Tommy Clark to hide his identity. He has empathic power absorption and can control space and time like Hiro Nakamura, a mainstay of Heroes, played by Japanese actor Masi Oka(Max Bergman of Hawaii Five-O), who reared him when he was a child. Malina, her twin sister on the other hand, played by Danika Yarosh (Samantha of Jack Reacher Never Go Back), was also an evo who can control all elements and can hasten biological processes.

Also in the cast were: Kiki Sukezane (Bubblegum of Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale) as Miko Otomo aka Katana Girl, a swordswoman character from a role-playing game called Evernow, created by her father named Hachiro Otomo played by Hiro Kanagawa (Professor March of The Magicians). She was brought to life by her father to act as a backdoor into the game to rescue Hiro Nakamura. Ryan Guzman (Sean of Step Up) also played as Carlos Gutierrez, an Afghanistan War veteran who became a crimefighter by the name of El Vengador. Rya Kihlstedt (Chloe of Deep Impact) played as one of the antagonists by the name of Ericka Kravid, head of the highly successful tech conglomerate known as Renautas. Gatlin Green (Alison Sullivan of Criminal Minds) played as Emily Duval, a classmate of Tommy at Pinehearst High School where he kept his secrets and later became his girlfriend. Henry Zebrowski (Alden Kupferberg of The Wolf of the Wall Street) as Quentin Frady, half-brother of Phoebe Frady, played by Aislin Paul (Caitlyn of Night Cries), an evo who can control shadows.

Other recurring characters from Heroes like Mohinder Suresh, the Haitian René, Angela Petrelli, Matt Parkman, the grown-up Micah Sanders and Molly Walker were also part of the show.

Its last episode entitled Project Reborn was released on January 21, 2016. This series has generated strong viewer interest at the outset, averaging 2.0 rating in adults aging 18-49 and had 6.1 million same-night viewers when it was premiered, but dropped down and cooled off to a 1.0 rating and 3.7 million total viewers during its last week’s soft midseason that sealed its fate that the production concluded to discontinue its second season.

This is one of my best sci-fi series so far. Good for those who loves watching movies related to people with extraordinary skills. Another two-thumbs up! Must watch!


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Written by Trafalgar Law