The first day of snow in the winter.

Waaa .. it should be filmed! My little boy, woke up in the morning and ran out to the window when he heard I told him he was out. It was the first time this winter when it snowed. hahahaa .. He did not even want to wash his eyes. That he wants out in the snow and wants out in the snow. I and my husband, Dabia, had a drink from the coffee we had done. We had to go for a deal with the baby, let us drink at least half of the coffee, eat something, let’s just go outside. We finally agreed. Then what followed outside is almost indescribable. For a child seems to have opened a magical world. I do not know, like when you are young, that innocent happiness is different. So he read on his face the greatest happiness. I do not think it could be more! He screamed, flipped, fled, fell in the snow, lay down in the snow, giving his hands and feet, asked for a brush to clean the car, but why? Ask yourself! because he thought, giving the snow off the car down, there will be more snow on the ground! anyway the pictures speak for themselves!


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Written by carmen3521

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