Favorite Funny Animated Film: The Road to El Dorado (2000)

In 1937, animation genius Walt Disney released the first full length animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the wonderful world of moving art in cinema was changed forever.  It was magical!  Well … I imagine that it was magical.  Even though I wasn’t born until almost 2 decades later and got to watch it on television in black and white.  But I can imagine the moviegoers who attended the premiere show, sitting in the audience with big boxes of popcorn and then their eyes opening wide with amazement to see this animated musical fantasy displayed on the big screen.  Can’t you imagine it?

Fast forward to the year 2000.  Like most other adults who never grow up, I still love watching animated films.  It’s hard to narrow it down, but there is one animated movie that is on my Top 10 List of the funniest animated adventures ever!  “The Road to El Dorado”.

A quick blurb about this film:

  • 2000 American animated adventure comedy film;
  • Produced  by DreamWorks;
  • Features the voice acting of Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, and Rosie Perez.

PLOT: The movie is about the search for a hidden city, the fabled El Dorado, a city made of pure gold.  They find it! And then … the adventure begins.

This movie is hilarious!

* Have you ever seen this film and is it on your Faves List too?


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  1. There are a lot of funny lines. But one funny dialogue between the two guys was … One guy says: “You worry too much!” The other guy says: “No I don’t. I worry exactly the right amount. You can never worry too much!” It cracked me up. There no such thing as “worrying the exact amount”. (O.o) Uh ..?? Is there? LOL.


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