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Whenever I drive to Fullerton on the scenic route, I notice interesting buildings on my way. One huge building always gets my attention—Great Wolf Lodge in the Garden Grove/Anaheim area, which has a huge paw print as its logo. When I first noticed it, I thought it was a cute place for pets, whether pet hotel or pet spay, but I also noticed a huge waterpark and indoor slides, in which would be kind of dangerous for pets. I decided to google or Duckduckgo it on the internet for research.

It is actually a hotel resort for humans, but it looks like a spa/amusement park. It is located in the hub or OC’s tourist attractions, such as Disneyland, Crystal Cathedral, Anaheim Convention Center, Stadiums, and Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park. It has full-service spa, waterpark, pools, wireless internet, arcade/game room, cafes, restaurants, lounge, bar, gift shop, and newsstands. Their rooms have a refrigerator and microwave, as well as flat screen TV, safes, desks, and maid service. Wow, it is like a big 5-star hotel resort. I wasn’t really aware of it because I have never stayed in any OC hotels since I live here. It would be fun to go to this hotel on a weekend, but I think it is mostly for kids, in which it would be perfect for a family bonding experience.

I discover a lot of local places when I go on one of my local road trips via the scenic route. Sometimes, you run into interesting places by accident when you are just driving around for fun. It is fun to explore new directions and places because it can open new doors elsewhere.

Walk Through Tour and Review

I added two YouTube videos of the Great Wolf Lodge hotel resort. The first one looks like a promotional one while the second one looks like someone’s walking tour and review based on his family’s personal experience. He gives you a tour of the facility, which is interesting. It looks like one of those Las Vegas themed hotels. Wow, they use an RIFD band to scan things and open doors. It looks like the hotel resort of the future. I also noticed from the videos that this Great Wolf Lodge has a wolf-ears headband, which is like Disneyland’s mickey-mouse ears cap. Oh, it opened in 2016, in the Garden Grove/Anaheim location. This hotel resort is very new in the OC location.


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