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Funny Kids Expression to the Characters in the Book Dead


I like watching kids reaction to statements, questions or something jokingly done towards them. It kind of reduces stress and helps me to calm.

This is a YouTue video by Jimmy Kimmel whose show Jimmy Kimmel live is aired on CBS (I think) in North America.

What I like about this video is the reaction of two kids towards the end of the video. The one who can’t believe all the characters in the book are dead and the other one making a funny face.

I hope this video will lighten you up.


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  1. my wife is a hospice social worker. Her job involves gentling the journey to the end. Her favorite book to use with children is called “all my friends are dead.” it is a lovingly presented story of what happens when you lose a friend.

  2. Kids have the purest and funniest reactions sometimes. I think it was him and his show when he asked parents to record their children receiving fake Christmas presents. I still remember how joyful was a child who received a potato, it melted my heart.


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