Entertaining Walk in Woodbridge

Friday, 8.21.20

It was humid today, but I was indoors all day anyway. By 5:30 pm, I decided to go to the Woodbridge area for the 6 pm walking meetup. 16 people showed up. That weather had cooled a little down, and there was a nice light breeze, which made the humidity bearable. I walked both lakes, and I was ahead the whole time, leading the group because I naturally walk fast. While walking, I was watching the cute ducks and geese. I noticed two ducks were playful together, splashing around, and suddenly the male duck went behind the female duck and humped her. Then, she fought him off. I forgot to take a snapshot.  I noticed on my iPhone that I walked 4.5 miles and 10,505 steps. I heard that 10,000 steps is what most people strive for. We finished both lakes at around 7:30 pm. As I was driving home, I noticed it is getting dark earlier, around 7:45 pm, getting ready for autumn season and time change. I think time change is in early November. I was very sweaty after the walk, probably because I was wearing a cap. These walks are very light, and I don’t usually sweat that much. 


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