Eat Pray Love (Movie Review)

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Eat Pray Love is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir by the same name. I wrote a review of the book yesterday which is one of my favorite books. I always prefer to read the book first as I feel that movie adaptations don’t so justice to the book. However this movie is an exception.

Julia Roberts plays the role of Elizabeth Gilbert in the movie. Since Julia Roberts is my favorite actress, I was looking forward to this movie. Another Indian connection is that parts of the movie have been shot in an ashram near Delhi in India. Julia Roberts converted to Hinduism after this movie.

It is a romantic drama film which is set in Italy, India and Bali. Julia Roberts play Elizabeth Gilbert who is lost and confused after her divorce and decides to take time off to travel. During her travel, she discovers sensory pleasures of eating in Italy, the power of prayer & meditation in India and finally discovers inner peace & true love at Bali when she meets Felipe.

Julia Roberts is a delight to watch. Javier Bardem as Felipe is impressive. The beautiful scenic locations of Bali are breathtaking. On the whole, it’s a lovely film that you would love to watch.


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