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Travel in time – I hope Time Machine works for me

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I have often thought about traveling in time and almost all my imaginations took me back in past. By the way, how many of you in recent times have thought about going back or forth in time guys? Actually, whenever I am doing nothing then I go back in my memories and think about all my pat experiences that I enjoyed with my friends or close relatives.

I wouldn’t consider it as traveling in time but then I don’t see any other way I could ever travel the way Dr. HG Wells described in his book the ‘Time Machine’. As much I can imagine on this topic I can only say that we live in a particular moment in between present and past that becomes past immediately after which was part of future a moment ago.

And that particular moment in which we live forever neither comes back or can imagine about that but wish we could go either in past or in future. That is travel into time for you. I have read so many time-travel related books and articles and watched so many movies and couple of TV serials that sometime I wonder if it was really possible?

I am exploring the possibilities although I am not sure if I would get to hear about in my lifetime. I remember reading how Sergei Krikalev did it, so I will keep on watching more about journeys in space!

I will let you know about him in my next post



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Written by Suny Ag

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