Dating Site – 19


Sitting in their wheel chairs in the room outside of the one used for therapy, Nora and Nicole began to talk.

Nicole had just revealed her past, which was identical to that of Nora’s.   So now, leaving the therapy session, sitting together, Nicole asked Nora how she had met her husband.  And Nora mentioned the dating site; “Partner Perfect.”

“I saw an ad for Right Mate….”  Nicole exlaimed.

“…they didn’t ask me for my….”

“…particulars, but asked for my…”

“…preferences. And I entered them….”

“…and there were four photographs…”

They were trembling, overwhelmed by the strangeness and familiarity, the knowledge that something had happened beyond the normal lines of life.  Something had happened to the both of them, confirming their suspicions, their half thoughts.

They had felt the oddness during their marriages, now knew it for a confirmable fact.


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Written by jaylar

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