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Colors of Eyes

We as human beings, are different from each other. Our physical features, habits, and all of our characteristics are different. As colors of eyes are different and have different impact on our personalities. It is my first Open List, and I want to show colors of eyes, hopefully you like it and don’t forget to comment on your favorite color.

#1 Black eyes

Black eyed people a have a secretive nature.Often they have a social mask to conceal their emotions and intentions. They always remain hopeful about things, which make some people feel uncomfortable.

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#2 Brown eyes

Brown color of eyes is the most common color in the world. the brown eyed people are very good listener and fond of books. They are very trustworthy and have friendly behavior.

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#3 Blue eyes

We can compare blue eyes with sea. As blue eyed people are very attractive and have a charming personality. It is a common opinion about blue eyed people that they are a little flirt. 

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#4 Grey eyes

Genetically grey and blue eyes are same. By nature, grey-eyed people don't like conflict.Having gentle nature, grey eyed people are full of energy, passionate and live a successful life with their partner. 

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#5 Green eyes

Green-eyed people have a curious nature. They are a little mischievous, a lot of entertaining, humorous, and very pretty.

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#6 Hazel eyes

Hazel-eyed people are very confident, like independence and love to take risk and very adventurous.

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Written by Zahid Rafique

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