Cold Day in Cali

Wednesday, 1.8.20

I went to the Spectrum Center at 4 pm for a Improv meetup. I was early so I walked around, but it still felt cold, even though I had two blouses, pants, a jacket, scarf, and a beanie. So, I decided to go to Coffee Bean and buy a cup of hot chocolate. It was warm inside the coffee shop, and I was hot when I finished my drink. I went outside and walked around again, before deciding to get my ticket and hang out by the firepit. I noticed on my iPhone that the weather was 47 degrees. I should have stayed home. But the comedians were funny. Tonight, I decided to eat a Cobb Salad without meat. Afterwards, around 9:30 pm, I just walked briskly towards my car because I was cold and I just wanted to go home.I decided to check my iPhone for my walking activity from 4pm to 9:30pm. I did 4,442 steps and 1.8 miles. I think I like cold weather because I like to be warm and cozy, weather dressing in layers, or relaxing at home with warm clothes, electric throw, and furry Gumby. 


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