Book Review: Thaw

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by Chelsea Dingman

University of Georgia Press


Pub Date 15 Sep 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Thaw through University of Georgia Press and Netgalley:

Poetry is one of the most difficult subjects to Review as they in the most cases by their very definition are personal, spelling out, thoughts and emotions.

This collection of poetry is raw and the poems herein tare at your very soul, some of these poems deal with the death, including the loss of children.  It deals with molestation, suicides, hits and runs, this short collection of poetry is not short on its impact.

The books in this collection by Chelsea Dingman alternates from her childhood and adulthood paralleling her life as a child to that of her children, it speaks not only of sorrow and loss, but of determination and overcoming.

I give Thaw five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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