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Book Review: Auschwitz Lullaby

Auschwitz Lullaby

A Novel

by Mario Escobar

Thomas Nelson–FICTION
Thomas Nelson

Christian , Historical Fiction

Pub Date 07 Aug 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Aushwitz Lullaby through Thomas Nelson Fiction and Netgalley:

Helene Hannemann was married to a Romani when the Nazi’s tried to allow her to stay and take her husband and children to a camp she refused to stay home.  The family is eventually sent to Auschwitz .

In order to help the kids Helene would help to start a nursery school in Auswitz in order to help the children.  When Dr Mengele suggests the nursery school she has no illusions about the man and his intentions but she wants to help the children and she’s extremely protective of all of her children despite the fact she had been separated from her husband.

Dr Mengele had promised Helene Hannemann she and her children would be spared but the promise proved to be another lie as she and her children were led to the gas chambers.  From the evening of August.02.1944 to the morning of August.03 the entire Gypsy camp was exterminated!

I give Auschwitz Lullaby five out of five stars!

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