Book Reading

Books are great assert for everyone. We can gain much knowledge and information from books. Good Books and Stories well develop our personalities. Books tells us about the world and information it’s give information about technology facts and daily sciences. It increase and develop our personality. A good book give us many benefits.

We should not read books only for the time pass purposes. Books are a world when we a read good books we gone to a dream world. Books has it’s own world. When we has gone to this world we feels pleasure. Books are great source of information knowledge.

There are some benefits of reading good books

  • We can gain much information and knowledge
  • Good Books develop our personality
  • Books Tells the history of different nations
  • After reading books we can get new ideas and we do different experiments after reading books.
  • On the other hand bad books gives us negatives ideas and our thinking power has gone in danger.

we should read books only for positive purpose, for gaining knowledge and experiments. what is opinion?


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