Ban on Chinese military organization, China warns the United States for the consequences

China has said on the American ban on buying Russian War equipment. that  America should not stop China from purchasing fighter aircraft from Russia otherwise get ready to face the consequences.

The US Department of Foreign Affairs said in its statement on Thursday, that China’s is  buying SU-35 war aircraft’s and S-400 missiles a from Russia. This purchase falls under the United States ban on Russia, which was established in 2016 in connection with Russian illegally interference in american presidential election after ,military action in Ukraine.

Chinese Foreign Office on Friday said in its statement, If the US sanctioned orders do not cancel, they will have to face the consequences and whatever it may be and we are free to take any against such sanction.

On the other side, the Russian government has made its clear reaction to these American measures, A statement issued by Moscow, Said that America is playing with fire by placing Russia far from the global arms market.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spokesperson said, This non-commercial process is against the international trade principles and the US wants to keep its competitors away from the market.

Be clear that the United States has blacklisted 33 such individuals and organizations which are related to Russian military and intelligence. It includes Russian ambassador Robert Muller, which are allegedly accused of alleged intervention in U.S. election of 2016.


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