Backyard Work & Errands

Friday, 6.12.20

I woke up early to feed Gumby, before taking out the trash. Then, I realized Gumby is out of cat litter. I am also out of multivitamins. As I was going to my old car, I noticed a white butterfly fluttering around my front area. It looked like it was trying to get my attention, just fluttering around me. It finally stopped on a greenery bush area, and I took some snapshots, but I have uploaded any photos yet. 

I looked up “white butterfly” meaning. It means the soul of a departed loved one. Also, angels are watching over me and I am being protected. When a white butterfly crosses my path or enters my home, it will bring good luck and it is a sign I will have a good life. 

Butterflies also symbolize endurance, change, hope, and life.

I went to Mother’s Market to buy the multivitamins. I didn’t realize how expensive they are. I also bought another bottle of ACV because I use it a lot, as well as small carton of vegan oatmilk ice cream to try out. Then, I drove to The District to go to PetsMart, where I bought a bag of World’s Best Cat Litter because I like that one the best. I also noticed a small pot of grass for indoor cats. I decided to get one for Gumby because he needs to chew on it for his health. When I brought it home, I looks like it is his favorite toy now. He is always going by it to chew on it. I need to water it and place it near a window for sun. I placed it in the foyer.

Yesterday, I had to pull out the vines off my building in the backyard area. I got most of it. It was kind of high. I clipped a lot of thorny vines. Now, I need to go out and rake the mess to place in the green bin for next Friday. 

I also have a walking meetup this evening. So, I need to organize my time to get more things done.


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    • it isnt really a garden. it is just a small backyard area, with falling out pebble-like ground. but greenery around it from outside and neighbors, such as pine needles, ivy from underground, and annoying maybe weeds.there is always green mess from overhead and sides.

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