Animated Classic Novel Summaries

Tuesday, 4.7.20, full moon night

I decided to watch some of the animated summaries for certain classic novels on Youtube. I am posting three of them, although there are many more on Youtube, and I will probably watch the rest later. They are interesting, and as I watch each one, I think it would be fun to draw a classic novel graphic novel. But it might also be difficult. 

#1 Video SparkNotes: Orwell’s 1984 Summary

This video is an animated summary for the George Orwell novel 1984, which is about a totalitarian society. This kind of describes what is going on now during this One World Lockdown. I watched the movie of 1984 on the indie channel, and it is very dark, similar to Hunger Games for adults. But I still haven't read the whole book yet. I have read a couple of chapters, maybe two or three in the past. 

#3 Video SparkNotes: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies summary

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This video is an animated summary of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. I have read this book many times because I like the writing as well as the dark adventure, as well as watching two or three versions of the movie, where are all good. But the book was still more fun to read.  This story symbolizes a difference between good and evil. Ralph is the good kid, while Jack is the evil kid. Since Jack is a better hunter, killing many pigs to feed the other boys, he gathers a large following of scared and needy younger boys. Ralph has only one follower, a fat kid with glasses nicknamed “Piggy” who feels like an outsider. Jack creates an idol with pig head, which is the Lord of the Flies, and symbolizes Satan and evil. Jack controls the younger boys by brainwashing them to follow them. Ralph suffers alone, especially when Piggy accidentally dies because Jack steals his eyeglasses to use it to make fire. 

Moreover, as I browse the comments under this video, I agree with someone’s description of each main character.

“Ralph = democracy and rational, rules-based government that runs on facts” Ralph represents honest and good people, trying to do the right thing for everyone.

“Jack = dictatorship and government based on violent force, fear, emotions and lies” Jack represents the evil dictator, Zionist, trying to control others as mindless and mind-controlled needy slaves. Jack also symbolizes the corrupt zionist government, filled with lies, control, and murder.

“Simon = Jesus (or religion in general) discovering the truth but gets crucified/killed when he tries to tell the boys the truth” I don’t remember Simon. I just remember he was an innocent little kid.

“The Lord of the Flies/Pig Head = the devil and the evil that lies in everyone's hearts” This pig-head idol, with flies buzzing all over it, represents satanic idol worship as well as the dark and evil on the island, enabling Jack to gain power over others because of his evil and dark ways.

"’The Monster’ = fear-based politics or politics based on excluding/destroying the outsider/immigrant/refugee/minority” I forgot about this monster in the book and the movies. I think this monster of lies was created by Jack to get the young boys to follow him, creating his own large tribe of scared slaves, who are similar to the brainwashed slaved who still trust the US Zionist-occupied government is doing the right thing and protecting them. Hence, this fear-based political ideology is Zionism.

The Conch = governmental institutions and long-standing traditions. To me, the conch is freedom of speech because it allows the person to speak whatever they want to say to the rest. Whoever wants to express themselves holds the conch and others must listen.

Piggy (fat kid with glasses) = intellectuals, trying to keep people rational/educated/well-informed with facts" I think Piggy was the outsider because he was the fat kid with glasses. That is why the other kids nicknamed him Piggy, even though Ralph referred to him by his real name.

“The little kids = normal non-political people, though easily swayed by lies and fear into supporting dictatorship and war” The little boys who follow Jack are the 99% brainwashed and mind-controlled slaves in society. They represent the idiots who are still watching the Zionist-infested TV, and dumb enough to believe all that shit is true. They are taken care of by Jack with lies and basic needs, which is food and shelter, but they are mindless slaves obeying their leader as a father-figure for protection. 


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