An Often Ignored Historical Fact About Gone With The Wind

Have you seen and do you like the classic movie, “Gone With the Wind”? If so, here is a curious historical fact that most people who’ve seen this great movie have never even considered.

If you look at the battles that were mentioned in the story, including both in the book and in the movie, Melanie must have been an elephant. That can be said because of when those battles actually took place. Just judging from the battles that were mentioned and when they took place, Melanie was pregnant for 21 months. That is nearly two years, which is quite a bit closer to the gestation period of an elephant than it is to a human.

I wonder how many women would like to be pregnant for 21 months? I’m thinking that few women and not many men would be saying, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a darn.”, the famous line from the movie.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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        • There are a lot of extremely talented black actresses and actors. One of them was a very close personal friend of mine, Don Pedro Colley, who passed away last October. Still, it goes to show that movie awards are next to worthless. They aren’t always given to those who are worthy of the award and they’ve become far too politicized.

          Still, the book was extremely well written and the screenplay was quite accurate, even though there are historical discrepancies that lead to an apparent 21 month pregnancy. lol

          • I once wrote, on another site, about the worthlessness of Oscars. I really write another.

            I totally agree with you about the almost worthlessness of awards.

            I recall Avatar being beaten by a movie no one I have ever met has seen or wants to see, when the whole world ran to Avatar.


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