A Ver Long Engagement (2004) movie review

Saturday, 9/14/19

I relaxed on my cushions to watch a romantic movie on an indie channel. 

A Very Long Engagement is a 2004 romantic drama, which takes places during wartime. A young couple were separated when the young man was sent off to fight for France. Five soldiers were let go from war, in which they disappeared. After the war, the young woman never forgot her fiancé, and she was hopeful that she will see him some day. She went on a quest, which involved hiring a private detective, to help her find her fiancé. She follows a trail of clues, as she meets different people and gest information about her fiancé. She refuses to give up on him, although some people tell her to move on because he is likely dead. Although she had polio when she was young and she walks with a limp, it doesn’t stop her from finding him because they also dreamed of being married someday. The trails finally lead her to her fiancé, who looks normal but he actually has amnesia because of all the trauma he suffered. The movie ends where she is smiling again because she is reunited with her true love and soulmate.

The movie stars Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard, American actress Jodie Foster, and other French actors that I am not familiar with. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it received a Golden Globe Award in 2005 for best Foreign Language film, Academy Award for Best Cinematography in 2005, Academy Award for best production design in 2005, as well as Cesar awards, European Film awards, BAFTA award, Satellite awards, Golden Reel awards, Critics’ Choice Movie awards, London Critics’ Circle Film award,  Online Film Critics Society award, European Film Awards Audience awards, and Political Film Society Award for Peace.

The movie is in French, but it has English subtitles. It was fun to read and watch this movie.


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