A Day of Entertainment

Friday, 5.28.21

Today, I walked in my area to the local theater as well as a walking meetup. I noticed from my iPhone that I ended walking a total of 6.4 miles and 13,340 steps, as well as 2 floors.  I decided to see Cruella at noon, at the Regal theater across the street. I took a stroll in sunny but windy weather. It was the first time since before long time that I went to this movie theater. During lockdown, they were remodeling all the Regal theaters, and it was closed afterwards to vaccinate people. I browsed inside the theater to check out the remodeling. There were lots of neon lights inside, and the movie rooms had new fancy cushioned lounge chairs. 

I took my LV purse as my movie date.

Then, after the movie, I relaxed with a cup of Matcha Green tea outside.

I didn’t go to the gym this week because I felt too tired, which is probably due to the Pluto and Mercury retrogrades as well as Wednesday’s full moon eclipse. I hope I am back to normal on Monday. 

Gumby enjoying his cat bed with his blankie. 


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