5.18.20 Lockdown Insights

Monday, May 18, 2020

Liquor stores are open during this One World Lockdown, probably to encourage people to lower their vibrations and become easier to control with the bullshit propaganda.

Fake Alien Invasion will be the next thing promoted, after this cornyflu plandemic dies down, to instill more fear into idiot followers.

Texas are reopening gyms.

Award Shows are scripted and staged. Sloan was on one in 2010. There is rehearsal before the show, from beginning to end.

Arizona is an open state.

Sign Reading:

Aries—counting your money. Taxes? Work-related focus? Rebel against old ideology and do things in a different way. You are thinking about doing something different. Into porn? Or with Capricorn person? Sneaking off to do something that is a fun temptation. Maybe just tired of being in house arrest…

Taurus—thinking about money. Looking for mad money. Not sure how to do what they need to do or how to ask someone to do it. Planning to build something. Mirroring one’s partner, which might cause a lot of fights. Projecting on each other, and trying to make it work. Wants to shake up their love life, maybe with kinky sex toys…

Gemini—looking for romance, maybe a choice between 2 people. You know who you are supposed to be with—use your inner voice. Sexual, mystical and powerful as well as sensual and flirty.

Cancer—wants to go back to work. Planning a getaway, to escape this N.W.O. One World Lockdown. Becoming more friendly and warm during this Prison Planet lockdown. Someone is judging you in your romance.

Leo—someone wants to take something of yours—possession, money, or trickery during the next week, maybe a salesman. It is business-related. They want to give you work but you have to pay for it. Someone wants to take your creative work. Someone close to you is trying bring you back together with someone else. Bring back a connection. Judgment and family-related.

Virgo—spiritual calling. Crossroad in a spiritual journey. Fighting yourself, between old you and new you, to spiritually ground yourself. Someone is controlling and dominating you. You might pull away and cleanse.

Libra—waiting for a message from someone you like. You feel left out. You have been self-isolating. You are seeing things clearly because of focusing and meditating on the situation. Trying something new with a new relationship. You might be involved with a new lover, maybe a younger, more fun, and more playful lover.

Scorpio—making a decision about whether to talk to someone or reach out. You can be controlling. You feel guilty about something. But you will self-analyze and there will be rebirth. Busy counting your money and work opportunities.

Sagittarius—something is being knocked down to make room for new situation. You will receive news that will cause this breakdown. There will be cleansing. You will heal from what you see. You have to experience this in order to spiritually elevate. Time to reunite with someone romantically.

Capricorn—needs clarity about something. Have feelings for someone but doesn’t know how to deal with this person. Doesn’t know which way to go. You are comparing yourself, if you should go with this person. The relationship appears to be unbalanced. You will let go and get balance.

Aquarius—enjoying family and friends. Happy Homebody in self-quarantine. You will do something creative in an independent way. Someone will make amends with you in romance. You will jump into this romance.

Pisces—wants to switch your job or connection. Worried about your work situation. You want your old job back, but not sure how. Worried about being silenced. You will meditate on a new concept, which will ripen and blossom. Focusing on your work while ignoring your relationship.

(I added a snapshot of my Yoworld avatar wearing her Viking Scandinavian outfit). 


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  1. i dont know if mine is true. there are lots of annoying salespeople trying to sell me something. i hope no one steals anything from me. i dont usually fall for trickery. bring back a connection? i hope it is someone normal.

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