4.8.20 Lockdown Insights

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

NWO World Dominance for One World Govt, One World Cashless Society, & One World Religion VIA One World Lockdown.

Russia, Mexico, and Israel haven’t gotten Coronavirus?

October 2020 might be martial law lockdown?

Pile 3: relationship issues—power/control balance. Changes in the relationship. Intellectual relationship because you learn from this person. But this person encroaches on your boundaries. You want to assert yourself financially in work, but your partner doesn’t want you to be independent. You will go forth with it. October 2020.

Pile 2: how do you react to your environment? Reevaluate your belief system, which will shift how you think. You will have to decide, which be a shock, sending you to a different direction. You will completely change in a different person, which is being your true self. You will be judged because people won’t like it. You will reinvent yourself.

Pile 1: you are sad. They have a spiritual purpose. Ending cycle to let things shift into your life. You have given up or ignored something. It is money-driven. You are expanding your knowledge via karmic insight. Bondage to your past mindset. You are elevated and you will move forward. You need to trust. Find balance with fear and moving forward. You feel conflicted about where you are going. You are an activist. You will stand up for something you believe.

Meanwhile, it rained again tonight. It has been raining since Saturday night, for five days. My TV and the internet has been acting up because of the rain. 


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