4.7.20 Lockdown Insights

Tuesday, April 7, 2020, full moon night, 7:35 pm

Today’s video discussion: 

They want to people to get rid of their cats. And, a tiger at a zoo got coronavirus.

Some woman was killed off because she wanted to suddenly go against the vaccine. Robert F Kennedy is her grandfather, and he is fighting against the vaccine.

Warren Buffet left all his money to Gates Foundation.

This week is Holy Week. Friday is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter Sunday. They might sacrifice many people during this time because Jesus was sacrificed on the cross.

Children and women are trafficked via underground tunnels to wealthy people. I guess Trump has been fighting this issue.

#1 When will this Lockdown house arrest be over?

3 countries are working together.

Everything is off balance, such as financial structure

Government showing financial economic collapse.

Spiritual and logical issue to fix.

Something is hidden from the public.

During holy week, something will come out about timing. Be patient.

People are being controlled by someone else.

The people are being fucked financially, physically, and freedom.

Something from government, maybe a battle, within 10 weeks, around June.

#2 4.7.20 reading

Pile 1: process in coming out. Idea in your head about what you want to do, and you can manifest it. You have money coming to you. Reward is coming to you via support, such as financially. Manifesting from helping others without be recognized. Someone is trying to luring you, but you aren’t interesting in following. Taking gifts coming to you or being pulled in direction of another’s will. Withing next 4 weeks, you will move in one direction. Then, you will change direction in the manifestation, and lots of luck. Don’t get distracted by the will of another person.

Pile 2: jumped into too fast and got burned. Still in bondage to idea that you didn’t think through. You just didn’t pick right choice. You will experience period of growth, in which you will heal and move forward in the sun. you are coming together. Specifically dealing with sins of parents in this life. A product of something in secret—family of origin. But you are moving in a different direction. A goal in mind in July.

Pile 3: you are working very hard on many things. Focused, logic, strong, and know what you’re talking about. You are like the manager and leader. But you are afraid to take responsibility because you don’t want to be attacked. You don’t care anymore because you can handle it. Be very watchful on all the others you work with because someone will take advantage. But you are strong enough to stuff this crook or problem maker.  Around early August. Position of power that you have been avoiding in the past. You can handle it now.


I chose to put this card here, which is Kitty Hermit, because it fits this Lockdown House Arrest time, which involves using this time to meditate alone, reflect, and pray for future insights. The cute cat is sitting under a lovely tree, filled with ripe and juicy pomegranate, which is about reproducing something. 


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