Last Day of November Creative Ideas

Friday, November 30, 2018

It is the last day of November. I wake up at 8 am to take out the trash.  Then, I slowly get ready for my day, starting with noon yoga, work on my computer, and then walking meetup at six. While waiting for the noon yoga class, I got some creative ideas to do after I finish my graphic novel project, which should take a while because I have 80 more pages left.  I would like to loom four small pillowcases for my old couches to modernize small square side pillows with bold colors of yarn. I can even add buttons to close the side ends so that I can wash them as needed.  I do have a pillow collection on my couches and my daybed. I am thinking of modernizing old stuff I have for fun. But this is my next project after my graphic novel.

I noticed that after yesterday’s rain, today looks so beautiful and sunny but there was still the autumn crispy cool weather. The weather is always beautiful after it rains.


What do you think?

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