Facts You Never Knew About Dirty Carpets

Every dirty carpet has a back story; traffic lanes, stains, discolouring or muddy remains after a rainy day trekked throughout the house since the last cleaning. Carpets in the house can come under a lot of wear and tear due to many reasons. But if they don’t receive regular professional carpet cleaning, they can end up in a bad state and void the manufacturer warranty.

Regular Carpet Cleaning can help retain that new look and feel of the carpet for longer. Keeping your carpet clean is important for maintaining good health. Read on to know facts about dirty carpets that you might have never have been aware of.

  • Act as a home to sandy soil

Have you ever gotten down close with your carpet? You will be shocked at doing so. The sand pit of soil settles down in your carpet that can not be reached by vacuum cleaners. This dirt, which is usually not visible, is spoiling your carpet every time you sit or step on your carpet.

  • Attract Dirt

Every day greasy residue and dirt is carried in from outside your home and settles onto your carpet. This residue attracts more dirt and locks it in your carpet fibres. Over time, this dirt can lead to a change in the colour of your carpet. If the carpet is not cleaned by professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide on time, the dirt can be compounded and can become permanent.

  • Harbour many germs making you ill

The carpet traps skin flakes and damaging air pollutants like chemicals, bacteria, cigarette smoke, tars, residues and pollen. Once the carpet gets “full” of these airborne substances, it no longer traps these substances. These trapped pollutants can cause a lot of health-related risks. The only way to remove these pollutants is to remove them with regular carpet cleaning.

  • Are bad news for asthma, allergy and rhinitis sufferers

People often search for solutions to their problems, but sometimes the problems might just be under your feet. Yes, you read it right. Carpets can also attract dust mites whose allergy-inflaming proteins that can trigger asthma, rhinitis and eczema attacks. Sometimes, dirty carpets can also lead to other serious health-related issues in otherwise healthy people.

  • Require Regular Cleaning

Carpets not only have a tendency to attract these allergens but they can also hold as much as four times their weight in dirt and can get heavy. Therefore, it is important to vacuum once a week and get it cleaned regularly from a reliable and trusted professional cleaning company. Yes, let’s face it. We all wash our clothes regularly but why not our carpets? Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide, always hire experienced and certified professionals for better results.

  • Are A Germ Hotspot

Carpeting does turn out to be a good flooring option at home or the office, but it tends to get pretty dirty because of all the traffic it encounters. It has more bugs than your toilet seat. Feeling betrayed? But that’s the harsh truth, my friend. It can be 5,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat and can have many different organisms surviving in them.

  • Traps Bacterias and Viruses

Bacterias and Viruses can live in your carpet for up to a month. You may not realise how dirty the carpet is until the virus starts its action. Yes well, Norovirus, also known as the Norwalk virus, has a tendency to survive in an unsanitary carpet for more than a month. It becomes airborne as you walk across the dirty carpet. Norovirus can cause stomach flu and symptoms similar to food poisoning.


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