Easy To Make DIY Flower Wreath That Will Amaze Everyone

The beauty of flowers never stops amazing everyone. Their colorful and scented blossoms can be used in so many decorations. Why not create something beautiful?  It is time for some DIY action! If you want to create a flower wreath then this is it. It can be used for home, or garden decor. Also, it can be a nice wedding decor that will amaze everyone. Check out this awesome project and get started!

How to make  DIY flower wreath?

This stunning flower wreath will look good anywhere. You can hang it on a door, or put it as a centerpiece on a table. Or, hang some in your garden. The process is shown step by step. So, let’s get started!

You will need:

  • hot glue gun
  • wire cutters
  • artificial flowers
  • grapevine wreath

Start by cutting off the blossoms. Leave the stems aside, as you will need them later. Choose your favorite colors for the flowers. Here we have some magenta, peach and white ones. This color combination is great if you want to achieve an ombre look.

Put the flowers around the wreath. Place the colors accordingly, if you want to go for ombre.

With the help of the glue gun, put some on the stem. Stick the flower to the wreath carefully.

When doing this, consider one important thing. Start with filling the front. Always stick the big flowers first. You can see that on the image below.

After you have done the front, fill the rest with the smaller flowers. Make sure you stick them near, so the wreath will be dense.

And now, it is time to use the stems that were leftovers. Cut off the leaves from the stem.

With the glue gun, stick them onto the wreath. You can do it in random positions. It will give some freshness to your wreath. You can see below.

And voila- your DIY flower wreath is done! And it looks fascinating. Everyone will be amazed by your wonderful creation. Despite being excellent front door decor, it can make a beautiful table centerpiece.


flower wreath



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Written by Kristina