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DIY Holiday Decorations Via Paper, Glue and Scissors

Sunday, October 27, 2019

I noticed a fun video to make your own paper stars. It looks easy and fast, and I plan to try it out. But I think I want to make two and glue them together to create one 3D star, and probably hang it on my front door with my wreath.

I have done other paper ornaments when I was young, such as the German Bell, snowflake, and some origami pieces that are easy to do. You can decorate your tree with colorful ornaments made from different colored and textured paper. You can also make your own paper chain boa to spiral around your tree.

Here are just a few videos to help you get started in creating your own holiday wonderland home.

Here is a video for an origami star, which is harder to do. The origami star is like the German Bell, but even more complicated.

Although there are more star videos, I decided to check out tree ones. They are cute. You can make your own paper city.

This pop-up tree is interesting because it is also a card. After folding the tree, cut pieces in different sizes, and start gluing them inside an opened white piece a paper, from longest pieces at bottom to shortest piece at top. Homemade card…

I noticed there are many versions of the same pieces on Youtube. This looks fun! It would take me forever to do all of them.

Here is a video on making your own paper snowflakes. The one I did in the past has even a different pattern.


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