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Changing My Foot Therapy Plan

Sunday, June 2, 2019

I have been taking this herbal supplement, Horse Chestnut Extract, for only 2 days, and I only took one capsule. I realized it was making me lightheaded as well as it was reducing my blood pressure. I didn’t like that feeling because I have naturally low blood pressure, and I don’t need it to be any lower. Hence, I decided to stop using this product. It would be better for fat people who have high blood pressure problem. I had also read that this Horse Chestnut Extract improves varicose veins in the same way that compression socks do. I have two pairs of compression socks. I chatted with someone from my health plan. He recommended only alleviating legs higher level than the heart, doing floor exercises with alleviated legs, and walking 20 to 30 minutes. I hope it works and it is enough. 


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