Yayoi Kusama ((草 間 彌 生,

Yayoi Kusama ((草 間 彌 生, Kusama Ja-jo-i) is a Japanese contemporary artist who is most active in sculpture and installation, but often sets in the fields of painting, performance art, film, fashion, poetry, prose and photography. The strongest rooted in conceptual art, 89-year-old Kusama has been associated with feminist, minimalist, surrealist and art brut art, and the art of abstract expressionism. A key player in the New York avant-garde scene 50s and the hippie subculture 60s, Kusama is an unavoidable figure in contemporary art because immeasurable impact on all of its aspects. at the same time, it is enough that its often considered a direction for yourself. Always original and true intuition, Kusama for 60 years consistently ignores all rules of the art world, creating their own, unmistakable recognizable aesthetics.


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