Woman- queen- mother III

Wife could not leave peacefully affairs and meet their needs. An example of such a heroine we find in war and peace, and that is Elen Bezukhov, the first wife of Pierre. Ellen comes from a family Kuraginih, but how is the Tolstoy genetic trait is extremely important, there’s heroine will pull unscrupulousness and aspiration to benefit in all possible situations. Elen plays it safe: he knows that the abovementioned Pierre Bezukhov appeared in Russia as the successor of the rich, manages to manipulate it on request. But Pierre is not acquainted with the behavior of the high society, clumsy and shiftless; also, too deals with pesky issues reorganization of the state in order to achieve universal justice.

Ellen understood from the beginning that she with such a husband will not be happy, and at dealerships Petersburg creates an image of itself as a neglected wife and elicits sympathy aristocratic circle. This gives a green light to surround himself with lovers, and that society is pushing does not condemn. In essence, l was accepted as long as they know who the woman is married. Ana has been deprecated as ,, anyone’s wife, “which has not yet officially divorced from her husband, and entered into a relationship with Vronsky you could not legislate. Combinations which says Elena had so much momentum that eventually passed into Catholicism to her marriage to Pierre became invalid because it is duly married, had two potential suitors.

On the advice of a friend, it pragmatically decided to first choose an older, pick succession when the kick the bucket and then marry younger. Alas, and Ellen died suddenly during this process, and this during an abortion that went wrong. Here we have a situation similar unwanted child neglect at Anna Karenina – Ellen does not want to achieve as a mother, but that continually adjusts your sensual side. Like Hannah, mother’s favor Tolstoy condemns the brutal and painful death.

The difference between Ellen and Anna is in how they are set up to society, in which lies a triumph, and tragedy of others. For Ellen was enough that his diplomatic approach to ensure that society does not condemn, and it is still without any sense of guilt entered the affair living next to her husband, who was not adjusted aristocratic society and  the hard issues of social progress. In addition to the cunning and calculated Elen entering into relationships because of their voluptuousness, we sincerely in love Anna Karenina, which is pushing torn by guilt. T

his is evident from the fact that she refused to divorce from her husband offered to commemorate such indecent women. However, he regretted that decision realizing that Karenin definitely wants to be separated from her son. Unlike Ellen, Anna is deeply felt his guilt for the destruction of his own marriage, and with it her tortured thoughts to Vronsky cold towards her.

Although she could have some cold-blooded diplomatic access to regularize their status so that it is socially accepted, Anu is not satisfied, because it was still bothering her remorse, realizing his own fall and the difficulty of choosing between to do with Vronsky and contact with his son. However, we saw that Ellen, who followed his wishes and principles, ends tragically almost the same as Ana. It turns out that a happy ending exists only for women like Natasha Rostova.


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