Why You Need To Meet The Family – 3


He may have the body of an Adonis, now. But! His parents are fat and lazy.

Don’t think that after you marry him he’ll keep going to the gym.

Put it this way,  when you graduate High School, everything that was so important to you when you were in class is now meaningless.  You don’t need to sit a certain way, dress  a certain way or remember that on Friday you have to bring certain things.

So too may be his current concern about his  appearance.

Many people put themselves on the ‘dating’ market by becoming their most beautiful version.

That fashion model may, once the ring is on her finger, dive into those cakes and pies she had denied herself and become an enormous blob with a scowl on her face.

That hunk may feel that having married he no longer needs to keep toned, and turn into a couch potato.

It may start slowly. Cutting down gym visits, putting on a few pounds, but soon enough, if your beloved comes from a fat family…..

See that Size Zero?  Notice that Daddy’s sisters are enormous.  In a few years she  may  have trouble squeezing into Size Six..

BTW; let me emphasise; make sure you see her family, not just her mother; for your beloved may take after her father’s side of hippopotamus.


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