Why Do You Do This To Me?

“Hey girlie girl, I hear you, walking and smiling. What was that you asked? Yes, I just did that.” Said God

That was totally unexpected! Thank you God, that did make my day. That was the last person I expected to hear on the phone, today of all days.

” Yes, I knew that would make you happy.” God replied. ” You were headed to the graveyard, but I turned you to the lake, the old and comfortable lake, a much better place to get a nice call from him.”

Something is going on I do not understand at all, this new guy. He acts exactly like someone else, likes the same everything, Is this person trying to tell me something? I mean, I would not be mad, I would actually be glad to know that its not a million miles and just a thousand.

“In time, you will know all in time, because what is done in the dark will come to light.” Answered God.

Stuck in the world of messages, I told Peter about them, all of it, well because that is just what I do, I don`t feel I should lie.

When I got up, and got his messages he was so mad, why? Because I was talking to them, men.

Sending out more messages. I had to disagree with him about being mad, I did not ask for this attention, it just happened.

I had to let him know I was letting him in my world, and that I do talk about my women friends too but he should listen to what I say about the men, also.

That being my husband, means he is also my best friend, means I tell him everything, whether he sees it as good or bad. Because its happening, not saying it to torture him.

God Listened then said ” Things are about to come full circle, you will see who and what is and has been.”

Later, still in the world of messages, Peter said ” I`m sorry, take my hand My Love, I trust you.”

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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