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When the Cold War Ended – 20

When  the Cold War ended, Russia focused on internal matters. Their form of government, the condition of its people.

This left the United States a virtually empty field where they could plunge into any country they felt like it, and enforce their policies.

Objections to American interference were met by underthrow or overthrow, and America became more of an invader than an ally.

Without competition, America felt it could do anything.

Meanwhile, China was moving into its capitalistic stage, producing everything it could and selling it cheaper than anyone else.

This was unnoticed and many people seem unaware that the Chinese markets are much larger than American.

Further, considering the difference in price, it is no surprise that Chinese items sold faster and in many Third World Countries, dominated the market.  American goods lost much of their markets, but didn’t notice, as Third World Markets were minor.   

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